alexisVERT Freelance Photographer, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Illustrator, Re-toucher & Fine Artists, based in Johannesburg.


Visionary creative & Business entrepreneur;
a young woman outspoken, driven & vivacious.

Branding, Websites & Photography

Based in Johannesburg Photography is allows myself to be creative & work commercially
with Micro-companies & Blue chip companies.


Capturing moments fulfilled with overwhelming emotional qualities – that heave you into the artwork. Playfully each view conspires a new story upon each on-looker. Creating juxtapositions using colour, styling and the varying personalities of the subject matter. First Love & my reason for living! Not only do I create but I am a business entrepreneur at heart. Would have to say that business & creating go hand in hand, oil & water but with the correct spice, it can conjure up a real treat! Enhancing life with my arts & nourishing a thirst for the ever seeking enthusiast creature – which depravity encapsulates at the day end. Only a decadent creation can recapture lost youth in one’s mind & eye.


Ardently creating covert beauty
in life remains my passion.

Service & Rates Card – Pricing


Brand Strategy & Identification.

Whether you have an established brand or you are trying to define it through certain methods of articulation, the ground basic needs to be satfied. This is where branding or re-branding provides a strong link between you and your customers. Brand architecture is vitally important before beginning on a corporate identity. This forms a plan of interaction of your brands or services – under your company name – where the brand is now and where it will lead in the future. These links are created when a person/s come into contact with the company – Digitally or Physically. Whether it is a Logo, Business Card, Packaging, Social Media or a Website – these are only a few points of contact – between your brand & the consumer. The services I offer for branding and website design & development is throughly researched. Presenting numerous ideas which are placed forward to the client only once I am satisfied. Most cases are urgent, I work with a quick turn around time, copy unfortunately needs to be supplied by the client. This is the ground basis I work off of – a brief company outline of the business plan & services/products. From there I am able to tweak & refine copy for any application.

Branding generates a story, creating an
emotional & intellectual response.

Diversity play a huge part in my portfolio, thus giving me opportunities to work with small business’ & commercial clients. Most of my business has derived through from social media referals such as facebook, twitter & linkedin. I strongly believe in the old sense of client relations & networking. Most of my clients are both commercial & private work. Building strong relationships together which always make the project delightful. I work deligently knowly time is in fact money.Setting out a timeline for each client once a brief of the project has been estabilished. Smaller business’ have no marketing knowledge or any idea where they headed with their brand. I help guide each client through each process.